Ischemic Strokes... User Needs-Driven Development of Neurovascular Aspiration Catheters

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Ischemic Strokes:  User Needs-Driven Neurovascular Aspiration Catheter Development 

Complex Catheters are used to perform an ever-increasing number of interventional and diagnostic procedures that require unique flexibility, trackability, and kink resistance characteristics. In this webinar, we will discuss neurovascular applications and complicated catheter development. In addition, we will provide insight into designing and developing aspiration catheters that can navigate the most tortuous pathways to the middle cerebral artery (MCA) but have the performance needed to remove blood clots.  

Key takeaways:

  • Incorporating unique user needs into aspiration catheter development.
  • Achieving access to the MCA by considering the catheter design interactions.
  • Utilizing technology to optimize the catheter design and accomplish performance standards.
  • Designing for manufacturability for optimal performance.

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